SMPD Heroes

Derek LeoneDetective Derek Leone exemplifies the finest qualities of an Investigator, partner, and friend. His tenacity and determination during the recent purse theft and fraud series was unparalleled. For months, Detective Leone diligently gathered and analyzed security video, interviewed witnesses and victims, and established suspect patterns in an effort to identify a ring of individuals responsible for over fifty cases of purse theft and major credit card fraud in Santa Monica. His work often continued after hours at the expense of his personal time and schedule. The primary suspects, determined to be Chilean Nationals, were arrested in Santa Monica after an Officer recognized them from a Crime Bulletin issued by Detective Leone. Based on his thorough investigation, the Los Angeles County District Attorney filed 41 felony counts against the suspects. After the arrest and initial filing, Detective Leone continued his investigation, which resulted in additional counts being filed along with the identification of other suspects involved in the international theft ring. Throughout this complex investigation, Detective Leone was always available to assist his partners and handle other unrelated cases.