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Pink Patch Vignettes

Police Officer Mike Ortiz

My mother has always been the number one lady in my heart and an inspiration throughout my life. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was an emotional wreck. I wanted to be by her side every day, unfortunately work and my young children made spending time with her difficult. From a distance, I watched my mother’s strength and fighting spirit overcome the illness. My mother perseverance confirmed my belief that she is one of the strongest women on this planet. As a husband and father, I understand and value the importance of regular checkups and mammograms and encourage my family to consistently monitor their health.

Lieutenant Roberto Villegas

Growing up playing sports or doing regular boy stuff you would commonly hear the other boys say things like, “You fight like a girl!” One of my favorite movies, The Sandlot, has a pivotal scene where Ham accuses his rival of “Playing ball like a girl!” It was so insulting that the other team could not take the challenge laying down. You grow up believing that “fighting like a girl” or “playing ball like a girl” is something weak or soft or to be ashamed of. When my mother was diagnosed and had to suffer through chemo and radiation treatment, I saw a brave woman fight cancer courageously and she never backed down. She walked into the oncologist’s office with her head held high every third Friday for her chemo treatment despite knowing what
was waiting for her a day or two later. She packed up to move and unpacked after the move all while going to daily radiation treatments, because she wasn’t going to let cancer or the fatigue of radiation stop her from moving to a nicer home. So when people ask me how cancer has impacted me, I say that I wish I could “fight like a girl.” I hope that when faced with such a life altering moment I will have the courage to fight as my mom did. To fight like a girl is not something to be ashamed of, Teresa Villegas taught me it’s something to be proud of!

Detective Marisela Perez

I wear pink for my mom! In 2014, my world was rocked when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. My mom has always been my hero and she fought it like a champ. She is the strongest woman I know. Her battle became my battle and today 5 years later, I can say with a huge grateful smile, she is cancer free!

Sergeant Tina Greer

Breast Cancer Awareness month is very near and dear to me. Not many people know, but I lost my aunt, Linda Greer, to breast cancer on December 10, 2011. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer four years earlier, I did not know much of this disease. Since 2008, I have educated myself on ways to combat this disease through diet and exercise among others. I’m extremely grateful for all the breast cancer awareness campaigns as they continue to help improve on the causes, prevention methods, and cures for breast cancer. My name is Tina Greer – Sergeant with the Santa Monica Police Department and this is my Breast Cancer Awareness story.

Out of an abundance of caution and concern for the health and safety of our fellow community members and healthcare workers, we have decided to cancel this Saturday’s annual Candy Cane Drive. Though we’re saddened to not be Santa’s official escort around our city this year, the big guy has told us to rest assured that Santa Monica is on the nice list for his rounds next Thursday night. Happy Holidays everyone and we’re confident we’ll be back to this great tradition next year.

Stay safe, stay well and stay merry.