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Why We Released the Policy Platform

The upheaval of the past year was enough to test the most resilient and grounded among us. Santa Monica police officers were not immune to the stress of the pandemic coupled with a social reckoning of our profession. Initially, we, the sworn officers of the SMPD, felt unfairly lumped into the national indictment of unprofessional police officers and departments. We were angry at having to defend ourselves and the service we provide to our community. But slowly, and after a lot of individual introspection, as a group we started to appreciate the gift we had been given: a chance to be truly reflective, both looking at ourselves and our profession. We also obtained a clearer understanding of what the residents, business owners and visitors in Santa Monica really need and want from their police department. We know that to achieve true transparency and accountability, we need to open our hearts to change and the entirety of our actions to public scrutiny. This policy platform is a direct manifestation of our evolution. We invite you to read about us, understand the why and how of the service we provide, and hopefully stoke your curiosity about those whose entire careers are focused entirely on safeguarding our community.

Out of an abundance of caution and concern for the health and safety of our fellow community members and healthcare workers, we have decided to cancel this Saturday’s annual Candy Cane Drive. Though we’re saddened to not be Santa’s official escort around our city this year, the big guy has told us to rest assured that Santa Monica is on the nice list for his rounds next Thursday night. Happy Holidays everyone and we’re confident we’ll be back to this great tradition next year.

Stay safe, stay well and stay merry.